BGL Cargo | About Us
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About Us

BGL Cargo in Dubai was set up in Deira in 2016 handling imports and exports by Air & Sea Freight from China in order to service the UAE Market which you could consider as the trading hub for Cargo.


In 2018 BGL Dubai grew steadily and within a short span of time and has now ventured into a fully-fledged Freight Forwarding company spear heading Imports, Exports, Customs Clearance / Brokerage and Documentation, Warehousing, Transportation and multi modal / cross straight movement. Focusing from the East to the West with day to day movement of Cargo from China, Middle East and other key South East Asian regions BGL continues to grow with the able support of the team that believes that customer loyalty and satisfaction is the key to success.  The warehouse has been set up.


At BGL we are passionate about operating to the highest possible standards and we are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations.


BGL is a global reliable network agency to cover your day to day freight challenges & ready to help clients with any kind of transportation or logistics management under one roof.


1. JUNE 2019 – Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN)
2. NOV 2019 – International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA)
3. NOV 2019 – National Federation of Freight and Logistics (NAFL)
4. FEB 17, 2020 – General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Dangerous Good Freight Forwarder Certificate

Company vision

To be a reliable international freight forwarder and to deliver the goods all over the world safe and efficiently.

“Safe, quick and reliable”

Company mission

Customer-centered, means “service first”;
Values the needs of customers, care from the heart;
The service for the customer, given the guarantee of action.