Local and International Courier Services

UAE being a leading e-commerce and smart hub in the region, the logistics companies are working to fill the logistics supply gaps and to offer faster delivery services to customers. The growth in e-commerce being driven by young and tech-savvy consumer base, rising international trade are driving the volumes of express and parcel deliveries.

BGL Cargo Express LLC is a registered and licensed entity with Emirates Post in the UAE. We have been able to secure all the required documentation and a standard and well – located office facility that is highly suitable for our courier services. Fast courier delivery matters most hence we ensure that we are a reliable service provider in terms of getting your shipments delivered safely and on time.

  • Amazon FBA delivery, fulfillment and last-mile delivery
  • Standard Courier services
  • Express Courier services
  • International Courier services
  • Providing air, surface or combined courier delivery services
  • Providing express messenger and delivery services
  • Delivering parcels, documents and packages
  • Packing and sorting operations
  • Delivering time-sensitive and high-value-to-weight products